Money can’t be your priority.

But your financial wellbeing is mine.

Are you worried about..

  • Physician burnout
  • Changes to your compensation
  • Paying off loans vs. investing
  • Am I doing enough?

The path to wealth for doctors isn’t what it used to be. Many physicians graduate with student loans the size of a mortgage and incomes tied to patient quotas; forcing them to work long hours to afford the lifestyle they expected.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Picture knowing you are..

  • Funding what you care about
  • Adaptive to change
  • Able to reduce your workload
  • Not stressed about money

You can do this.

If you would value a guide where life and money overlap, I’d love to help.

What’s the process?

Intro Call

15 minute call to uncover deal breakers.

Discovery Meeting

Virtual or in-person vision and values meeting.

First Planning Meeting

Review analysis, possibilities, and action steps.

Take control of your future.

Why Me?


Living alongside your profession.


I don’t have to convince you to buy a specific product or investment.


Bound to the highest legal duty of one party to another.

My Philosophy

The key to financial success is not the perfect investment at the perfect time.

It is stacking good decision on top of good decision for decades.

Financial Planning

It’s not the plan. It’s the process of planning.

Financial planning is about aligning your resources with what’s most important to you.

It’s about reducing stress and gaining clarity. This will allow you to focus on what you can control and be intentional with your time and money rather than isolated pieces you hope to be enough.

Physicians shouldn’t have to work into their 70’s or have financial reasons prevent them from pursuing other interests.

I help them give themselves permission to live the life they want to live.


Successful long term investing does not happen by trying to guess which company will be the next Amazon or GameStop, or what the stock market will do next year.

Successful long term investing is boring. It removes emotion from the decision process. These are the keys to compounding wealth while managing risk.


The amount of time you have until you need it is the most important factor for deciding how to invest.


The easiest way to reduce risk is to spread your eggs among many baskets.


Done through an objective process rather than subjective guesses.

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