Why You Need a Spending Plan

Have you ever been on your last day of vacation and thought, “Gosh, we should do this more often.”? Don’t get me wrong—I could go somewhere every quarter and still have that feeling. Have you had an argument with your significant other over a big purchase? Most of us have been there. We all struggleContinue reading “Why You Need a Spending Plan”

2020 Year-End Tax Planning

Two things few people like—2020 and taxes. Here are some year-end tax planning ideas to help prevent you from leaving the IRS a tip this year or in the future. Charitable Donations General charitable donations are only deductible when your total itemized deductions are above the standard deduction. The 2020 standard deduction is $24,800 forContinue reading “2020 Year-End Tax Planning”

Investing: How Depends on Why

When investing, the how depends on the why. Many people ask questions like “Is now a good time to invest?” or, in some form, “What is the best investment?” There is a saying that goes something like “The best time to invest was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” As for theContinue reading “Investing: How Depends on Why”